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An Arts & Innovation Hub

Where Anything Is Possible

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The X Building is the heartbeat of the Ballina / Byron community; a gateway to a unique lifestyle for creatives & entrepreneurs to share, learn & dream. As the epicenter of the Northern Rivers, this area provides access to the third most biodiverse region in Australia. A region that is home to many creative minds in film, music & technology; home to environmentally conscious citizens who seek balance in work & life.

In its function and potential, the X Building addresses the changing landscape of work life balance and transcends social, economic and innovation landscapes. It caters to community, state, national and international needs. Facilitating the co-existence of art, innovation and commerce under one roof, further enhances the local culture that inspired the X Building’s creation.

The X Building will be an incubator for local talent to work side by side with global artists and industry innovators. The co working space will provide an inspirational environment for filmmakers, musicians, dancers, fashion designers, artist, technology start-ups and conservationists.

All of this is underpinned with a vision to create working spaces which offer a healthy, flexible, co working environment, with a commitment to creating an energy efficient building and a platform for promoting environmental awareness. The X Building will become a hotspot in Australia - with influencers, creatives, and forward thinking people using the arts hub as a workspace and commercial home to grow their businesses.

More than just a place of business, the Building will attract local and international guests interested in the INXS archives and “Arts Hub”. Through opportunity and access, the exhibition spaces will inspire and retain local talent within the community. Co-working spaces will generate new growth in start-up businesses and the region will benefit from increased employment & tourism opportunities.

‘Why Ballina?’

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First impressions count! The X Building is elevated, drawing people in through a central staircase. With its striking, contemporary character, arriving guests will be impressed by the unique architecture, location and immediate sense of innovation and style.

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The X Building will be the premier arts and commercial centre in Australia. Combining the INXS exhibition and the ‘Arts Hub’ office space, this dual purpose-built facility will organically become a national treasure and a place where established businesses become industry leaders.

The Co Working space will provide entrepreneurs, artists and tech start-ups with a state of the art working environment to create long term sustainable enterprise.


Located within one wing of the X Building is the LANEWAY Marketplace. Connecting residents and visitors to fresh produce and fine foods unique to the region, LANEWAY Marketplace offers local farmers and manufacturers a platform to showcase their produce to a diverse and captive audience.

The X Building Vision

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There is opportunity for a university or college to locate their off-site creative/innovation campus within the X Building. The doors will be open for educational institutes around the world to have access to this state of the art building. Run by Murphy Media Academy, seminars, workshops and short courses will be held to teach young people (and the young at heart) about the vast world of music and the business behind it. Schools, colleges and universities in Australia will be invited to attend the INXPO and spend a day at the X Building for a gold coin donation.

The X Building will champion a strong internship program. It will provide an inspiring foundation for young people to stay connected to businesses in the region, whilst having access to national and international experiences. The program will deliver the next generation of business leaders and drive a culture of loyalty, professional development and opportunity.


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The X Building will help local fashion designers challenge what is possible in the ever-evolving fashion industry. Working side by side with global fashion experts, the X Fashion Institute aims to inspire emerging talent and accelerate their success by working with local designers such as Simone Ellis (Byron Bay Designer showcased at New York Fashion week 2019) and Institute Director, Caroline Murphy, former Beauty & Lifestyle Editor at Vogue.


The X Building structure lends itself to innovation in every part of its design; from materials to sustainability. The idea of coupling an exhibition space with creative office space was incorporated at the building’s inception, and has never been done before on such a large scale. With access to cutting edge infrastructure & technology, the X Building will be an accelerator for innovation & technology firms pushing the boundaries of tomorrow. Including Virtual & Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Conservation & Sustainability Exploration. Access to this technology and expert knowledge in the one location is rare, and presents a unique opportunity to all businesses within the Building to enhance their product, service and/or operations.

International Attention

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INXPO is unveiling the amalgamation of years of priceless INXS personal artefacts. Their home will be on the ground level of the X building. To ensure these archives are no longer lost in time, Petrol International is implementing a creative solution to present them together as an exhibition that can be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in the arts or Australian history.

The INXPO Exhibition will be a living archive where artists & musicians can seek inspiration through the interactive & immersive experiences within the exhibition.

What it’s all about

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The X Building is available for commercial & corporate events. The Wembley Room provides a high impact audio visual experience. This incredible events space will complement the region’s existing suite of unique venues.

Environmental sustainability is one of the X Building’s foundations. Water harvesting, sustainable waste management systems and power generation from renewable energies will be integrated into the design. Mixing green areas and open spaces, improving the user’s experience through the building; inviting them to relax and enjoy the scenery, reinforcing the flow and values of the Ballina – Byron community.

A Green roof replaces the landscape covered by the building’s footprint as a sustainable compromise with nature. Using native flora and giving home to local fauna. These gardens will provide amazing views from the air, and will create an elevated park, generating opportunities for community gatherings, quiet strollings, relaxing sunbathing, landscape viewing and picture taking.

Rainwater will be harvested by infiltration through the vegetated roof and used in toilettes and for irrigation of roof plants, creating a closed system. This solution also provides great insulation for the interior spaces.

Using corten Steel as the main exterior material, we aim to create a building that transcends time. The concept that a building has passed its "expiration date" is really out dated and in conflict with the basis of "sustainability". The basis of this noble material, is that the oxide created from the exposure to weather conditions acts as its own protection, at the same time offering great visual effects. Vertical gardens give protection against the sun in the interior spaces. Together, these elements create a dynamic ecological building, integrated to nature and connected to its environment.

Sustainability is present in every aspect of design; through the maximization of natural light, natural ventilation, the gardens within the interior space, the recycling of rainwater and the use of local ecological materials.

Every aspect of the Building’s design and aesthetic is considered with sustainable engineering, enabling growth and modern development opportunities. Aiming to produce more energy than what the building needs to function, sending excess energy to the community solar grid. Our vision is to create a zero waste and carbon neutral environment to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation.


The X Building is now open to receiving, questions, comments and expressions of interest from investors, sponsors, partners and the community.